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Data Challenge: Idea Contest


We are looking for your innovative spirit and creative input!

•   What uses cases result from data provided by ETH Library and its partners for your work and your research or teaching activities?
•   How can we optimise the range of data further for your needs?
•   How can the use of data be simplified and rendered more efficient?

Let yourself be inspired by our wide range of data. Examples are:

•   over 400,000 digitised images on E-Pics Image Archive Online, over 120,000 are in the public Domain
•   nearly 70'000 digitized rare books from the 15th to 20th century on, documents published in or after 1830 can be searched in full text
•   vast quantities of metadata from the NEBIS library catalogue and other ETH Library platforms on our Search Portal
•   over 70,000 digitised manuscript materials on, now also with IIIF Integration
•   full texts from over 20,000 electronic journals and over 250,000 e-books from academic Publishers

Submit your ideas and win!

Enter the contest with your idea and win a voucher of your choice from the ETH Store, Projekt Neptun, SBB or from Swiss Book Vouchers worth up to 300 CHF.

Tell us about your idea! Describe your application scenario and explain in which form (e.g. format, kind of access, etc.) ETH Library should make data available to you.

We are looking for ideas from members of ETH Zurich and other Swiss universities. Likewise, we are addressing representatives of the open data community, media representatives, artists and interested members of the public.

Contest FAQ

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Pilot phase
Idea submission

Moderator voting

Starts in 22 days

The moderators and subject matter experts from ETH Library judge the ideas. The numbers of likes submitted during the idea submission phase are included in the evaluation. The top-rated ideas proceed to the next round.

Moderator voting

Jury voting

Starts in 52 days

The jury consisting of members of the library management and customer representatives selects the winners from the shortlist.

Jury voting

Announcement of winnig ideas

Starts in 80 days

These are the winning ideas!

Announcement of winnig ideas




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  3. Lucie Eberhard
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it would be great that ETH make a brief introduction video of efficient data mining and  current research tools they provide and put it online that every body can access and understand the possibilities , lot of students discover the tools after 1-2 years of being in ETH.

zahra halvorsen
by zahra halvorsen
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zahra halvorsen

Der Onlinezugriff auf E-books und andere Online ressourcen von einem anderen Netzwerk als das der ETHZ funktionniert momentan nur wenn man mit seinem ETHZ Library Konto eingeloggt und zusätzlich noch mit dem VPN verbunden ist. Da müsste doch eigenlich das Library Konto reichen. Und es wäre cool, eine App für Tablet/Natel zu haben, wo man vereinfacht auf die Online-ressourcen zugreifen kann.

Lucie Eberhard
by Lucie Eberhard
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Lucie Eberhard

When searching a book online at ETH library, we often get several results. So, if there is an "online resource"-link visible then click here, then you are on the next page, and click here and there, until you finally reach the pdf. This can definitely be done in a more efficient way, like open the pdf directly after clicking "online resource", i.e. to get rid off the intermediary pages, such as: "Login with your institution" etc.

by MS94
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Zunehmend entschlossen sind die Gedächtnisinstitutionen auf den Open-Data-Zug aufgesprungen und digitalisieren kulturelle und historische Metadaten und ganze Sammlungen. Immer mehr Galerien, Bibliotheken, Archive und Museen publizieren diese Daten unter offenen Lizenzen. Das allein aber reicht nicht: Die Daten bleiben weitgehend ungenutzt und von der Öffentlichkeit unbemerkt. Das Rezept für digitalhistorische Nachhaltigkeit: Gamificate! Immer mehr Gedächtnisinstitutionen, darunter auch die...

Thomas Weibel
by Thomas Weibel
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Thomas Weibel