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Student Challenge: Idea Contest

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We are looking for your innovative spirit and creative input!

  • What do you feel is a challenge for you in everyday university life?
  • Are there any future services provided by ETH Library that could help you overcome those challenges?

As ETH Zurich’s central university library, it will also be a priority for ETH Library to provide a service that is tailored to the precise needs of ETH Zurich’s students. An overview of our current services for members of ETH Zurich is available here.

Submit your ideas and win!

Enter the contest with your idea and win a voucher of your choice from the ETH Store, Projekt Neptun, SBB or from Swiss Book Vouchers worth of up to 300 CHF.

The idea contest is primarily aimed at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral students at ETH Zurich.

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Standing Work Desks in the Library

We all often sit too much... during lectures and during studying... It'd be nice to have small standing desks in the library where we can stand and work on our computer. Possibly with an external monitor on the top so that the keyboard/trackpad can be low while the screen is on eye level...

7 Points
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Library Occupancy Monitoring App

The libraries are - especially in between exams - very full. Before going there, it would be fantastic to have a simple app displaying libraries close to one and their occupancy. I suggest a traffic light based system, with red indicating a full library with no free seats and a green light indicating plenty of space. This could even be expanded after collecting data. Similar to Google's feature (which sadly only exists for the main library) showing a graph of how full a place is at certain...

7.1 Points
Comments 4

to allow user to add Tags and mark relevance of books

The idea is to make the library not only a place that you looking for books and borrow them , but also a place that you can discover and learn new things. It is a bit like the other idea about adding statistics and critics. The advantage for a Uni library to do it, in comparison to other social cataloguing websites, is that it has a large group of professional users who are able to give more reliable and useful comments and information of the book, and the users also have lots of common...

5.8 Points
Comments 6
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Book ratings and statistics

Is that book really worth ordering? The ETH Library should allow users to rate and comment on books and collections. ETH-specific comments would be useful, for example: "This book is an essential supplement for course 227-0427-00L" It would also interesting to see statistics about books, e.g. what the profile is of the typical borrower, e.g. post-docs in Environmental Engineering

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Sleep and review (part 2)

The other idea is to allow students to review literature they have used. A short impression or experience of the material could save a lot of time for others. These reviews could be somewhere online so that using a phone app we could decide weather to take a book right away, standing by the shelf.

5.4 Points
Comments 6