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About us

Who we are

ETH Library is the largest public natural scientific and technical library in Switzerland. It is the central University library of ETH Zurich and the national centre for technical and natural scientific information.
The range of information offered by ETH Library comprises a total of around 10 million documents and
ranges from traditional media such as printed books and journals to electronic information resources.
Various services address the needs of students, lecturers, researchers and the interested public.

Why idea contests?

The global networking and increasing digitisation in all areas of life call for the transformation from closed to open innovation. With the idea contests presented on this website, we want to grab these possibilities and identify added value for you – our customers.
Participate and contribute to the further development of our services. We are looking forward to your ideas and to exciting discussions!

Project coordination
Claudia Lienhard
ETH Zurich * ETH Library * Claudia Lienhard * Rämistrasse 101 * 8092 Zurich * Schweiz * Phone +41 44 633 81 90 *

Michèle Baumann, Michael Gasser, Germano Giuliani, Barbara Hirschmann, Wibke Kolbmann,
Deborah Kyburz, Claudia Lienhard, Roland Lüthi, Deborah Otuyelu, Eva-Maria Szabó,
Greg Scowen, Roland Suri, Bernd Uttenweiler, Salomé Zehnder

ETH Library, Stefan Zahler
ETH ZürichGian Marco Castelberg, Alessandro Della Bella, Pat Wettstein, Daniel Winkler
ETH Zürich, Department Services