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Support of (static) Webpages as Publication Type

ETH Research Collection allows to publish research data and results in numerous file formats (image, model, software, sound, video...).

However, a single 'publication' may contain multiple files of mixed formats:
For example a picture, multiple videos and a datasets with some usage description.

Currently these files have to be either uploaded in a single zip file or as multiple independent submission items. Both solutions are not very user-friendly.

Research Collection could support static webpages as a new kind of publication type.
One way to implement this is to provide some simple web editor to create static Wikipedia-style webpages, which allow to embed and/or link other 'publication types'.

The main benefit to provide this service by Research Collation and not to host these webpages on lab/department servers, is that these pages would have a proper version management along with a DOI, which allow easier citation and linking from Journal/Conference papers.

edited on Nov 6, 2018 by Pascal Hager
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Barbara Hirschmann Nov 7, 2018

Hi Pascal, this sounds interesting, but I am not quite sure I fully understand the use case: How exactly is this different from an item under "Data Collection" to which you upload various files in different formats?

Greg Scowen Nov 8, 2018

Hi Pascal.

This is an interesting idea. Can I ask a couple of questions to ensure I am understanding your needs correctly?

Am I right in understanding that what you want is essentially a Wiki type HTML editor where you could create your document... complete with images, layout, etc. and when this is saved (published) it would be saved as a record in Research Collection?
That record would then have the same characteristics as other records except when a link to download is clicked, it would actually lead the user to a viewer of some description, within their browser?

Would that record be displayed within a Research Collection frame or on it's own page without templating/theming?

Do you see this as something that would replace the need for another editing tool or would you be inclined to first mark up your research in your favourite processor and then copy it across to the Wiki type system?

Is your expectation of such a system that the record is editable following creation (like a Wiki but only by the creator) and that each edit would be recorded as a new version of the Research Collection item?

Lastly, is the editor something that you would prefer to see integrated fully into Research Collection or would an external tool that edits the record and then exports it in a single shareable unit for reading - but offers the ability to continue editing - also a suitable solution?

Please, if I am looking at this the wrong way, let me know.

Pascal Hager Nov 8, 2018

Hi Greg,

Yes, I think you understood it right.

To illustrate the 'issue' you can also have a look at one of my research collection entries:
Here we prepared a small webpage for a conference, such that people can have a look at the videos corresponding to our publication. The webpage was hosted on our lab servers. During the confernence we provided a QR code such that attendees could look at the matieral on their smartphones.

The current way to put this into the research collocation, is to zip the page and add it as an entry. Which is not very convenient to view, as it has to be downloaded, unpacked and opened in a web-browser.

Yes, ideally when linked, the webpage would show (maybe embedded?) in the reserach collection website.

I would probaly prefer a wiki-style editor instead of plain html support, because proper CSS creation always takes its time. With a wiki/markup style editor I see the following advantages:
1) the page could be already by in a corporate ETH design.
2) adjusting the design to multiple end-device (PC, tablets, smartphones), can be taken care professionally by providing the required CSS files. Displayabilty on multiple device type is relevant as material presented at conferences will most likely be viewed as well on smartphones.
3) more users could use it

I would probably create the content directly in the Wikitype system.
But, I would already be happy with simple html hosting.

Given error always happen, the record should be editable.

Yes, an external tool would also be a suitable solution.

Best, Pascal

Claudia Lienhard Jan 31, 2019

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Claudia Lienhard Feb 21, 2019

This idea has been advanced to the current phase

Claudia Lienhard Mar 15, 2019

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