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3D Printing on demand

On a pedestal in the center of the ETH store stands a 3D printer connected to an iPad. Customers can choose from a selection of predefined models and watch their model get printed out. Or, while they are waiting, they can browse the rest of the ETH store.

Here are some examples of objects that could be offered:

  • ETH Main building
  • Matterhorn
  • ETH Race car
  • Polybahn
  • ANYmal robot
  • A cyborg hand
  • A wind turbine
  • A cool ETH logo
  • A little model of the Hönggerberg campus
  • A bacteria or virus
  • a rubber duckie

After printing, the model is placed in a clear plastic box and paid for. A box like this:

In a later stage, we could offer model customization.

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edited on 10th January 2019, 16:01 by Matthew Moy de Vitry

Claudia Lienhard 1 week ago

Hi Matthew Moy de Vitry, thank you for this interesting contribution! We would suggest to inform the ETH Store about your idea. Would it be ok for you to give them your e-mail address so that they can contact you? If yes, which address can we use? You don't have to post your address but can also e-mail us at

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Matthew Moy de Vitry 1 week ago

Sure, I have sent an email. Please feel free to remove this idea.

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