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Dataset documentation quality assessment for Digital Curation

Documentation is not fun.  Also, researcher are so familiar with their data that it is sometimes hard for them to evaluate the sufficiency of the documentation they provide. Solution : The library could provide a general standard as well as an advisory service to evaluate how well the standard was followed. The solution does not include assessment of whether discipline-specific standards or quality criteria are respected (that would be the role of peers). The  general standard...

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Management of scientific online persona

Maintaining one's publication list and contribution to the discipline is a tedious and time-consuming job. As ETH requires us to put everything into the research collection it is  prime place from where to share this. At the moment exporting a bib file and bringing it else where is painfully slow. It would be great if other service platforms could be coupled more tightly. For instance, large publishers can share publications into the orcid profile and externally validate a record in the...

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