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Mini sewing kit

A small, hotel-style sewing kit with thread, needles, and a patch

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A complimentary caffeine pill

A small package of caffeine pills. Or maybe just one pill in a nice package with some information and warning about performance enhancing drugs.

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New ETH Mug Design

The traditional ETH Mug is rather conventional, if not to say boring (sorry!). This idea proposes a new design that consists in hand-drawn images representing the research, products, and spirit of ETH Zurich. Disclaimer: I create a personalized mug of this type for my PhD colleagues when they defend their thesis. People love the idea. (I created the mockup by reusing some of my drawings)

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3D Printing on demand

On a pedestal in the center of the ETH store stands a 3D printer connected to an iPad. Customers can choose from a selection of predefined models and watch their model get printed out. Or, while they are waiting, they can browse the rest of the ETH store. Here are some examples of objects that could be offered: ETH Main building Matterhorn ETH Race car Polybahn ANYmal robot A cyborg hand A wind turbine A cool ETH logo A little model of the Hönggerberg campus A bacteria...

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Dataset documentation quality assessment for Digital Curation

Documentation is not fun.  Also, researcher are so familiar with their data that it is sometimes hard for them to evaluate the sufficiency of the documentation they provide. Solution : The library could provide a general standard as well as an advisory service to evaluate how well the standard was followed. The solution does not include assessment of whether discipline-specific standards or quality criteria are respected (that would be the role of peers). The  general standard...

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Book ratings and statistics

Is that book really worth ordering? The ETH Library should allow users to rate and comment on books and collections. ETH-specific comments would be useful, for example: "This book is an essential supplement for course 227-0427-00L" It would also interesting to see statistics about books, e.g. what the profile is of the typical borrower, e.g. post-docs in Environmental Engineering

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Bio Doctoral student at Eawag, researching new flood monitoring and modelling methods. See my project here: ([]

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