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Useful for sport center, library, archive visitor, and students who have a corpus (e.g. almost every architecture students)

Yeshi Wang
by Yeshi Wang
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Yeshi Wang

The idea is to make the library not only a place that you looking for books and borrow them , but also a place that you can discover and learn new things. It is a bit like the other idea about adding statistics and critics. The advantage for a Uni library to do it, in comparison to other social cataloguing websites, is that it has a large group of professional users who are able to give more reliable and useful comments and information of the book, and the users also have lots of common...

Yeshi Wang
by Yeshi Wang
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Yeshi Wang

I suggest the library to have a place where students can put the books they want to return when the library is closed. That wouldn't cost a lot for the library but bring a lot of convenience for the students, for example for those who because of working or lectures that are not able to go to the library on time.

Yeshi Wang
by Yeshi Wang
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