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Mouse pad

A mouse pad that is not inspired by models from the early 2000. Make it big (at least size M and L). Offer two sides with different textures or some way to change the texture. Throw in some Qi wireless charging for the mouse or mobile phones.

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CO2 neutral frisbee

Low-tech drone made from recyclable and/or biodegradable material. If it falls in to the lake you won't need divers to fish it out. Still popular with kids and students who procrastinate.

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ETH card holder

A (branded) plastic hard case for your ETH ID card or "legi" supplied with 3 variants to attach to your clothes: zip line, lanyard and clip on.

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Presenters and pointers (with charged batteries) seem to be never around when you need them. Yet, they are regularly used by many to share their research or work with an audience. A wireless presenter (without a dongle) with a laser pointer that can be charged through USB would probably save a few people each day from a frustrating moment.

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Martin Roszkowski

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